Senior Travel in Cape Town

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Cape Town senior travel can include enjoying historic sites, beaches, marine life, nature, culture and vineyards. Below are some fun travel ideas for seniors visiting Cape Town.

Castle of Good Hope

Start by visiting this castle, built in 1679. It is fascinating to see how this pentagon-shaped castle was constructed, and on the castle's balcony, you will find William Fehr old paintings on display. There is also a military exhibition here, where all kinds of war swords can be seen. Enjoy something to eat at the restaurant on the castle's premises, or buy a bottle of wine at the boutique. Make sure you check out the spectacular view while on the balcony before you leave.

District Six Museum

You should know a bit of this city's history, so make a point of visiting the District Six Museum. Here you will learn the stories of the forced eviction imposed upon the people who lived here. Most of the tour guides were victims of this historic eviction, so you will get first-hand information from their experiences.

Company's Gardens

These gardens house a museum that once served as slaves' quarters for those doing manual labour on the grounds. Here you will see artifacts on display from the various cultures of immigrants who came to South Africa. While walking along the garden, you will be able to see and feed the squirrels that live there. There is an art gallery where you can see famous paintings, and there are several interesting structures in the garden. 

Greenmarket Square

Cape Town senior travel should include visiting this market, where visitors can buy all sort of things from African paintings to carvings. You can also have refreshments at the many restaurants nearby.

Robben Island

This island is a must-visit, as it is a famous former prison. This is where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years while a political prisoner. You will be able to see his former quarters. The island is a protected area where you will see different species of birds and other wild animals. There is also a museum where you may learn more about the island.

Table Mountain

Table mountain offers amazing views of Cape Town, so make a point of taking a cable car up to the top. Here you will see many different plants, animals, frogs, and rare flowers. At the top, you can visit a restaurant for refreshments. Before you head back, make sure you buy a souvenir or two to take home.

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