Getting Around in Cape Town

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The Cape Town Transportation system is undemanding and makes traveling easy, even for first-time visitors. Some of the more affordable choices for getting around in Cape Town include:

Getting around by Public Buses

Though the public transport system does have a bus service which runs according to a schedule, buses aren’t recommended for long journeys. Most buses tend to move slowly and there are too many stoppages. The public buses pick-up people from the nearby suburban railway stations, adding hours to the total, transit time. However, the bus route along the suburban rail-line of Simons Town is recommended. This is a bus route worth exploring with the waves often breaking-off the surrounding cliff and drenching the customers.

Getting around by Rental Cars

A good idea is to hire a car for the day. Such rentals are easily available for a small security deposit. However, you need to have a valid driver's license. Car rentals can be ordered from the main airport itself or from the desk of any hotel.

Getting around by Taxi/Cabs
If you are apprehensive about driving in Cape Town, using its Minibus Taxi service is recommended. This taxi service has become endemic to Cape Town and is often interpreted as a defining feature of this city. The Minibus is economical and travels to every part of the city. However, if you are in a hurry and finding a taxi becomes difficult, you can opt for a private cab. These are the more expensive and luxurious than the Minibus service and can be easily ordered through a phone call.

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