Festivals in Cape Town

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Cape Town Festivals are among the most culturally-diverse yet enthusiastically-celebrated events in Sought Africa. Cape Town presents an amalgamation of different communities that has given the city a unique, social landscape. Some Cape Town festivals are becoming increasingly popular, attracting tourists from neighboring countries. Some of the most popular festivals include:

Boating Festival—Dragon Boat Festival

Venue: Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Portswood Close, Portswood Ridge 8002

Usually held in the middle of March every year, Cape Town’s Dragon Boat Festival attracts participants from many African nations. This Festival epitomizes the cultural unity that is prevalent in Cape Town.

This Festival has a Chinese origin and commemorates a Chinese patriot called Qu Yuan who drowned in fighting the tyranny of a king and thus, became a local legend. The legend of Qu Yuan has since carried-on and the dragon-boating event honors his heroic deeds.

There are no charges for attending the event and visitors need to merely find some space for themselves around the Portswood Ridge to view the boating enthusiasts compete against each other.

New Year Festival—Minstrel Carnival

Venue: Athlone Stadium, Cape Minstrels, Klipfontein Road, Athlone 7460

Celebrated in the month of January, this annual event marks the beginning of the New Year in Cape Town. Here, the advent of New Year is marked with dancers parading through the streets in dazzling costumes and competitions pitting local champions against one another.

All the participants congregate at the Athlone Stadium. This event has a historic significance that extends beyond New Year celebrations. It is actually a way of paying tribute to the courageous minstrel entertainers who had descended in Cape Town, centuries ago and became a part of the resistance against the colonial oppression.

Music Festival—Cape Town Carnival

Hosted usually in the month of March, this is among Cape Town’s most celebrated events, being a community project that has developed into a music festival of sorts. The Carnival is essentially a recognition and celebration of the diverse ethnic groups that are found in South Africa.

The event consists of musical shows and stage events spread over a few days. Other activities at this annual Festival include street dancing competitions and the floats parade.

The most competitive of these activities is the carnival parade with hundreds of artists, each representing a different form of ethnic culture. Some editions of this music festival have also included grand balls and beach parties.

Interested visitors can seek more information regarding the Carnival from the Cape Town Tourism Information Centre located at Pinnacle Building, on the corner of Burg-Castle Street in Cape Town.

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