People in Somaliland

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Girls who celebrated in 18 May

Girls who celebrated in 18 May

S. Warsame

Borders: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia

Population: 3.5 million Population growth rate: 2.76%

Internally displaced people: 100,000

Refugees in neighbouring countries: 246,400

Life expectancy: 47 years

Maternal mortality: 1600/100,000 live births

Infant mortality: 132/1000 live births

Under 5 child mortality: 224/1000 live births

Access to health services: 28%

HIV/AIDS Prevalence: 0.002 % (illegal ethiopians mostly)

Education Literacy rate - total: 17.1%

Literacy rate - male: 22.1%

Literacy rate - female aged 15 and above: 12%


BY: S. Warsame

All statistics derived from the UNDP Human Development Report on Somalia 2001

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