Lughaya Travel Guide

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The beach at Lughaya

The beach at Lughaya

Lughaya is a hot and dry coastal town in the Guban Coast. 

The Lughaya district is part of Somalilands Awdal Region.

Lughaya has a population below 15,000. The whole district has a population of around 75,000.

Lughaya is a small coastal town about 200km to the north of the main port of Berbera, Sahil Region.

The people of the Lughaya district are nomads and farmers that are mostly dependent on the sea for their income and money of the diaspora family members.

Lughaya has huge oil reserves, American Oil Company Chevron was exploring in this area from 1985 till 1988 (The stopped they works because the unrest of the Somali cival war)


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