Day Trips Intro in Hargeisa

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Marvel at Centuries Old Cave Paintings at Laas Gaal, Hargeisa

One Hargeisa day trip that a tourist in Somaliland should encounter is the Laas Gaal. It is locally known as Laas Geel, and it is quite famous for its centuries old cave paintings. Laas Gaal is situated on the outskirts of Hargeisa, which is the second largest city in Somalia at the Horn of Africa.

Hargeisa Caution

As a word of caution, a trip to Somalia is not safe for independent travel due to armed warfare between Islamist insurgents and government forces. Kidnappings and piracy are events that one could encounter in the place. Furthermore, international communication is only available via satellite, and there are no consular service in the area. The nearest are in Djibouti, Ethiopia or Nairobi.

Laas Gaal or Laas Geel

In the local tongue, Laas Geel literally means “camel watering hold”. The name is famous for its Neolithic cave paintings inside granite caves. It is believed that the paintings are as old as 8000 BCE, while others speculate that it could be 3000 BCE. The cave paintings depict pictures of cows with no humps and with lyre-shaped horns, early tribes raising their hands as if in supplication, and ceremonial cows wearing robes. 

Archaeologists were quite amazed at the beauty and quality of the paintings because they have been well-preserved. The colors are still rich and vibrant after being under the sun for many centuries. After all the wars they have seen, archaeologists can only marvel at its well-preserved state with very much intact outlines. It was also discovered that there were more cave paintings around the area of Hargeisa.

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