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Accommodation in Hargeisa

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There are two good hotels in Hargeisa that are used mainly by the UN/EU staff, but usually have rooms available.

The Ambassador hotel is located about two miles from the airport, looking out over the city. The rooms are clean with their own bathrooms and tv, and a mosquito net is provided. The hotel also has a small gym, two restaurants and a gift shop. Rates are approximately $40 per night. Bugalows are also available at approximately $700 per month.

The Mansoor Hotel is situated at the opposite end of the town from the airport. It is quite a large complex, with three conference halls, two restaurants and large gardens(In the gardens are springbok and giant tortoises). The rooms are large and clean, with en-suite bathrooms, and most have a small balcony. The hotel seems to be popular with official visitors, and the restaurant is a popular meeting place for politicians. Rooms are approximately $40 per night, while a bungalows are available for £600 per month.
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