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hargeisa bridge

hargeisa bridge


Hargeisa is the Capital of the Republic of Somaliland. Hargeisa is located North West of Somaliland (Latitude 9°18' N Longitude 44°03' E).

Hargeisa is the largest city in Somaliland. It was almost completely decimated in 1988 by airstrikes conducted by the regime of former Somali president Siad Barre. More than 50,000 people are said to have died in the attacks on Hargeisa. An MIG plane in the center of the city serves as a memorial and a reminder of that tragedy.

Hargeisa has grown rapidly since the collapse of Somalia in 1991, as its population has been swollen by the return of former refugees. The rapid population growth has considerably strained the city's resources and infrastructure. The stability of Somaliland has aided Hargeisa's reconstruction process - the city is now dotted by new villas built by returnees from the diaspora. In addition, its bustling markets are a source of pride for Somalilanders keen on advertising to the world a sense of prosperity compared to the continued conflict that plagues Somalia. The city has recently benefited from an influx of investment capital from the diaspora.

Other key cities in Somaliland include: Burao, Berbera and Borama. Hargeisa has a population of (2,000,000) people according to the year 2000 City Hall estimate.

The president, Dahir Riyale Kahin is the third president since 1991, the vice president is Ahmed Yusuf Yasin. There is also a parliament and local governments.


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