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Garadag is a District  in Somaliland, located in the Sanaag  Region. It is the blenty of sheep, camels and horses makes it one of the livestock rich districts of the country. With its wondorful historical background, it was selected to become the base of SNM struggle in eastren regions.

Garadag is well known for its rapid development in the current Somaliland weak economy. It is an ideal example of a place where diaspora is playing a major role in development as a whole, and in education specially.

Garadag has one the prehistoric wonders of Somaliland. One of the bases of Arawello is located in Garadag, and also there is a man made pyramid called Col Fula, just like the shape of Nasa Hablood of Hargeisa.

Garadag is also located on one of the largest oil reservior of Somaliland. 

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