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Berbera is a coastal town (Red Sea) in the northwestern part of Somaliland.
Although the former somalia government had built a major port that in the mid 1980's was a port of call for USS Enterprise as well as massive oil tankers and large ships, in civil war, it had been stripped of many of its service essentials such as state of the art refined fuel tanks, oil pipelines, water purification systems.

The significance of supporting trade through Berbera port has not been missed, however, by international humanitarian agencies, and has become a focus for development work. 

Berbera received a boost when Ethiopia lost access to the sea through the Eritrean ports of Assab and Massawa.
By the time Ethiopia was showing serious interest in Berbera, the port had developed significantly from the decrepit and abandoned place it was in the early days of Somaliland independence.
Development money was also used to upgrade and repair the road from Berbera to the Somaliland capital, Hargeysa - a critical move, which transformed a long, rough ride to less than three hours on a tarmacked highway.
From 1996, the EC funded a number of high-priority and labour-intensive civil works, and provided additional funding to boost UNCTAD port management projects.
From 1997, operational and administrative procedures were improved in Berbera port, and job-training schemes introduced and expanded. Spare parts were bought, equipment rehabilitated, drivers trained, and communication equipment - such as VHF, hand-held radios, faxes and phones - brought in to modernise operations.


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