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Lasanod is the financial hub to many entrepreneurial industries ranging from food processing, gem stonecutters, construction, retail, import and export, Internet cafes, and companies that process remittances from relatives abroad who send money. Some families have moved back to the city, living in mansions in the hills during the summer.

Lasanod is also a safe city with very little crime which has boosted street trading. One will find along the main streets of the city centre (Gooladda) numerous  changes with stacks of local and foreign currencies in the open and not locked away. One will also find female second hand gold traders selling their gold on the streets out in the open without fear of theft. Organized crime is virtually unheard of.

The city also has a private and public menageries, it houses animals from the region including camels, goats, lions, leopards, antelopes, birds and reptiles.

Liban Ali

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