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Buhoodle or Buuhoodle is used to be part of the Togdheer region of Somalia. The capital and main city in this region is Buuhoodle. Buuhoodle is the largest city in the Cayn region. It has population of 90000.00 thousand. In addition, there are about 30000.00 people who come for shopping each day. It is located border between Ethiopia and Somalia. It is commercial hub for goods that coming from Bosaaso, Garoowe, Las anod , Galcaio and Burco. All these goods go through main Market in Buuhoodle, and then go to Ethiopia. The city is rich with live stock. Each day about a 1000.00 goats and sheep are leaving Buuhoodle to Bosasso and Berbera. The city has modern communication system such as cell phones, land line phone, TV station, as well as internet services. The city has one of the best hospitals in east Africa along with modern hotels.

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