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Aerial view of Erigavo city

Aerial view of Erigavo city


Lasanod is one of the most beautiful cities in Somalia. It literally means The milky stream. The city is modernizing rapidly due do to the contributions from abroad. Internet cafes (cheapest int the nation), large villas , gas stations, nice hotels are all visible in the city. It lies between two mountains. In recent years the city became famous with farming , thanks to many locals who moved from the south with the experties in farming. Becouse of the it's peacefull environment the  city attracted interpenuers from North america and Europe to invest in their hometown. large communities from all around the country also came to work ,specially farming and construction.

Lasanod has been the capital of Sool Region since 1984, as well as capital of Lasanod District. Sool Region has other five districts,  Taleh, Hudun, Yagori and Ainabo, (, Taleex, Xuddun and Ceynabo) as shown on the Map. Geographically, Lasanod is located at the centre of a prime grazing area known as the Nugal Valley. The city is also close to the other high potential grazing areas of Hawd and Sool plateaus. Thus, Lasanod's location gives the city a unique characteristic of strong urban- pastoral linkage Before the collapse of the government in 1991, Lasanod was a town with a population of about 40,000. However, within one decade, the population skyrocketed to 90,000 by 2001 (WHO, 2001). A study conducted by SC-UK in 1998 on IDP and returnee population in Somalia revealed that 73% of the population in the town were returnees from other parts of the country. Of the returnees, most came from other parts of Somalia, especially Mogadishu. These households had been displaced by 1991 civil war and armed clan conflicts in the capital. However, many others in Lasanod have returned from the main towns in the North western due to ethnic tensions and clan affiliation.

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