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The below is rather offensive! I am white and from the UK, and have met some of the friendliest people here - everyone eager to say hello and talk - not selling you diamonds! They are busy, and eager to make money, but those are not crimes. So there might not be many 'great' places to eat and drink - the ones there are are just fine. Of course its not the same as home - but if you want that then maybe stay home.

"Kenema is a very intense place, the locals walk around with a look of permanant caution, and fear. I found that any white people in the city are offered Diamonds for sale many times per day. The trade in street diamonds goes on under the noses of the police/government forces, but nothing is done to any of the traders.

The city has no decent plces to eat or drink, only small fronted bars full of protitutes, and beggers."


May 11, 2007 change by giorgio

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