Lungi Travel Guide

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If you fly to Sierra Leone, Lungi will be your first place to visit as the country's only international airport is here.

As most flights arrive in the evening, your travel choices are to get to Freetown in the dark by either hovercraft, boat, road or helicopter, or to stay in Lungi.

There is one large hotel in Lungi which is clean, air conditioned and comfortable.  There is a bar and reasonable food.  It is well worth leaving the hotel though and wandering through Lungi town itself.  There is a strip of traders including a couple where you can buy a drink and chat with local residents.  There are also a few shops to pick up souviners and other goods.  Most of these are near to the hotel enterence.

If you are white, you will stand out and attract attention, but this will almost always be positive, and lots of people will stop you to chat.  As the town is next to the airport, local residents are keen to chat about the various people who have visisted such as foreign heads of state and royalty.

It would be easy to ignore Lungi if heading elsewhere, but worth a stop and a walk.

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