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Undertaking a Freetown Day Trip is recommended to every visitor who arrives in Sierra Leone. Freetown may not be as popular as some of the more talked-about African destinations but it has lots to offer. For planning a Freetown Day Trip, visitors can choose from the following options:

Freetown Day Trip to Tacugama Chimpanzee Reserve & Nearby Villages

The Tacugama Chimpanzees Sanctuary is popular for the numerous families of native, chimpanzees that reside here. Tales about the manner in which chimpanzees were earlier slaughtered might dampen the spirits a bit, but the chance to feed the chimps housed in the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Program relieves every apprehension. While returning from the sanctuary, visitors can take an alternate route for reaching Freetown. This provides an opportunity to visit the Regent Village. Here, visitors can spend some time at the St. Charles Church. This is among the oldest churches across the entire, sub-Saharan African region. A slightly longer day trip gives the opportunity to visit the nearby, Leicester Peak.

Freetown Day Trip to Nearby Towns—Makeni, Cline Town

Visitors can plan their day visiting the town of Makeni. Often referred to as the northern interior town—this town provides a glimpse into the somewhat tumultuous history of Sierra Leone. Here, visitors can take a small detour towards Cline Town to visit the National Rail Museum. Though not recommended to every visitor, spending a few minutes at the Hearing Impaired School of Makeni can be considered. This is a school for disadvantaged children and foreign visitors are a sure way to raise their spirits. While returning to Freetown, visitors can take a slightly-longer route from Makeni. This slight diversion gives the opportunity to visit Bumban Village. This small village gives an insight into the Saharan African lifestyles.

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