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accommodation in Freetown

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The Freetown hotel options found in Freetown, Sierra Leone can be separated into four different classes: high end, mid-range, budget and hotels that are mainly for business travelers. The high end hotels have a rate of about $150-$200 per night, the mid-range of around $75-$100 per night and budget hotels are around $50 per night. This country is one of the poorer ones in Africa and has just come out of civil war. Please keep this in mind when you visit.

High End Hotels

One of the largest hotels in the city is Hotel Bintumani which is on a hilly area by Aberdeen. Besides offering accommodations, the hotel has a conference center. There is direct transportation to the airport by hovercraft or helicopter ($130).

At the top of the hill station in Freetown is the Country Lodge Complex. Expect to have some fantastic views of the city. The hotel has a tennis court and gym and offers wireless internet. The Eden restaurant is very popular. This hotel is popular for those looking to relax and get away from the hustle of the city ($180).

Mid-Range Hotels

Near the Lunghi beach in Freetown is the Sierra Lighthouse Hotel. This hotel only contains suites which have a bedroom, small living area and a terrace or balcony that looks over the ocean. The hotel is very clean and the restaurant offers excellent dining choices ($100).

River Number 2 Guesthouse is located right on the beach. The location is absolutely stunning with a backdrop of mountains and a white sandy beach at your feet. While the rooms are more basic than other hotels the food is excellent as the seafood is fresh each day ($62).

Budget Hotels

The Banana Island Guest House contains three chalets which have a private bath. The hotel is run by the Banana Island Youth Association. The location is ideal as you are on a picturesque beach with transport available to the mainland. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

Florence’s near Lakka beach is a great budget hotel as you are right by the water and can easily walk to the beach and nearby village. They have a restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine and you can also enjoy the fresh seafood.

Business Oriented Hotels

The Mammy Yoko Hotel is just outside of the main city and is really geared towards guests that are traveling for business. It is found at Lumley beach and has many facilities including currency exchange, multilingual staff, laundry, business center and more. A few other choices for business hotels include Florence’s by Lakka Beach and Cape Sierra Hotel on Cape Road.

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