Getting Around in Seychelles

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Air Seychelles runs regular flights to Praslin, Frégate, Desroches, Alphonse, Bird, and Denis Islands and will run charters to other islands. Helicopters also fly to some of the islands. Schooner ferries run regularly between Praslin and la Digue - if you want to go to the other islands you'll have to charter a boat.

An extensive bus service operates throughout Mahé and there's a limited service on Praslin. Mini Mokes are the hire cars in the Seychelles - they often have some sort of mechanical defect and they're no protection from the elements but they're pretty appropriate for conditions on the islands. Most of the roads on Mahé are sealed but other drivers can be a bit of a danger. Taxis run on Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue and fares are set by the government.

There are plenty of bicycles for hire on Praslin and La Digue but you'll be lucky to get hold of one on Mahé. Walking is a dandy way to get around most of the islands - the traffic is light distances are short and the scenery is lovely.

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