Langue de Barbarie Travel Guide

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Campement Langue de Barbarie

Campement Langue de Barbarie


The Senegal River forms the border between Senegal and Mauritania . Where it reaches the Atlantic Ocean , the combined actions of water movement in the sea and the river have formed a narrow sandbank which begins on the northern side of the river and stretches southwards tens of kilometres between the sea and the river. This is La Langue de Barbarie (the Berber Tongue). It is to a large extent covered by planted Casuarina trees. The city Saint Louis is built on an island in the river, thus protected from the sea by the sandbank. The bank is dependent on the balance between siltation by fine material coming through the river and the erosive forces of the waves. Now, however, a dam has been built in the river upstream of St. Louis with the consequence that siltation has ceased. Therefore, in the long run the Langue is doomed to disappear.

The northern part of the Langue is part of the city of St. Louis . Further south, the few visitors may walk kilometre after kilometre along the beach without meeting a single person. There are two campements (simple accommodation in huts) on the Langue facing the village Gandiol on the mainland. Guests are collected by pirogue (open boat) from there.

The southern parts of the bank belong to the Langue de Barbarie National Park, which further consists of adjoining waters, lagoons and estuarine areas. It is rich in water birds, both nesting and migrating species.


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