Budget Travel Ideas in Dakar

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Dakar is an ode to West Africa’s famous rugged spirit, nomadic travel escapades and gray sunsets and it is a super natural destination that is best savored on a no frills budget. Here are some fantastic budget travel ideas to view the alluringly rudimentary charm of this Senegal hot spot.

Budget Accommodation

Dakar is brimming with cheap hostels, hotels and guest houses that are a haven for travelers on a budget and they offer decent facilities and reasonably good service. Not just that, friendly locals are known to welcome strangers in their homes for a stopover of a night or 2.  Some of the most popular budget accommodations in Dakar include Hotel Farid--located around the corner from the landmark Independence Square. The 3-star property has restaurants serving a fairly good line-up of local and international cuisine. A room here can cost you approximately $45 per night. The Auberge Keur Mouna Lodge, located close to the airport, is priced at about $32 and has the beautiful Bahija and Alain Beaches--that are ideal for sunbathing and surfing-- in its vicinity. The Kingz Plaza Guest House is a more up-market budget option located close to the Leopold Sedar International Airport and offers great service and comfortable rooms that cater to a more budget conscious clientele. The place boasts of most modern amenities--including free Wi-Fi and an array of home entertainment options. The rooms at the Hotel Les Mammelles are basic and functional, but comfortable, and clean all the same. The in-house restaurant offers superb warm croissants, fruit juices and a whopping 365 different egg preparations. The chef whips up scrumptious customized meals on request. Hotel Oceanic, at € 30 per night, is a nice centrally located property that offers neat rooms. Eat breakfast in the adjacent self-service restaurant to cut costs.


Patisserie Laetitia, nestled on the street heading to the La Corniche Sea, serves delicious breakfast and simply lip-smacking pain au raisins . The rich and flavorsome coffee and freshly squeezed juices are worth sampling and this patisserie is  a fantastic option for a generous budget brunch. An inexpensive snack, found on any street, is crunchy, roasted and delicately salted peanuts.  There are several other snacks including sandwiches, breads, kabobs and egg variations that are widely available throughout the tucked-away streets of the town. Visitors can enjoy a hearty meal for almost nothing on the street–side food stalls of Dakar. For visitors with a more delicate immune system, Ali Baba serves inexpensive Lebanese food with lots of accompaniments like French fries and generous helpings of tahina sauce. The shwarmas and kabobs whipped up here are to die for.


To move around the town use the inexpensive taxis that are a relatively safe mode of transport or use the Dakar local public transport that is reasonably well-connected and reliable. There are also Car Rapides--mini buses--that ferry passengers from Dakar to surrounding towns in Senegal. Dakar has a generous line-up of budget places to eat, some accommodation and transport options that give a traveler good value for the cost.
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