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accommodation in Sao tome

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Sao Tome is the Capital of Sao Tome and Principle in Africa.  As the largest town on the island, here is where most tourists stay when they travel to the small island. With a pastel rainbow of charming colonial buildings along the open seashore of the island, there are plenty of beautiful sights to see and activities to do during your stay. Due to its small size hotel accommodations are limited, so book your stay early.

Prestana Sao Tome

Sao Tome is home to Prestana Sao Tome; the first and only five star hotel in Sao Tome and Principle. Right off the ocean, the hotel is the perfect place for amazing ocean views. Comfort and sophistication could describe the atmosphere of rooms while still being luxurious. Recreational activities include tennis, swimming pool and casino on the premises. There are two bars and a restaurant serving both regional and international cuisines with live music every day. Being the only five star hotel on the island, you can imagine how expensive a stay here can rank. It’s also incredibly difficult to find a vacancy here but it’s worth the money and the wait. So book months in advanced and try to schedule your stay in off peak seasons.

Hotel Miramar

Hotel Miramar is another good hotel in town. It is less expensive but a great quality with clean and comfortable rooms and lots of recreational amenities to offer. A large swimming pool is adorned with tropical plants and an outdoor bar allows you the pleasure of spending nights outdoors. Le Baron is the restaurant on premises that serves European and French dishes along with fresh fish caught locally. There is also an indoor bar that serves lots of different tropical fruit juices. On Saturdays guests are invited to join an outdoor barbeque with festive foods, drinks and live entertainment.

Omali Lodge

Omali Lodge is another luxury choice close to the airport. With beautiful modern designs and ocean views the atmosphere is comfortable and high end. There is a large pool, tennis court and a poolside bar for guests to enjoy. They also offer health and beauty care to help you relax during your stay.

Other Options

Other accommodations are available but very hard to find. If you’re planning a trip to Sao Tome you may be able to find a bed and breakfast nearby or some type of hostel but it’s always good to make your arrangements as early as possible even in less expensive or lower quality accommodations.

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