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accommodation in Sao Tome and Principe

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Discovered by Portugal and located in Western Africa, the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe is also a volcanic, mountainous region. The beaches and surrounding waters are breathtaking in their beauty. Here, you'll find wonderful accommodations to meet any traveler's budget.

Hotel: Marlin Beach Hotel

Rooms: All the rooms at the Marlin Beach Hotel are beautifully furnished. With private bathrooms and a shower, telephone, air-condition, satellite television, air-conditioning and internet facility.

Cost: $80.00 - $140.00 USD per night

Amenities: Laundry service, room service, tennis courts, duty free shopping, pool, pool bar, pool table, disco facilities and located close to the beach and airport.

Local Attractions: Miles of Coastline, Fishing, swimming, boating, hiking in the rain forest, tours of sugar plantations, historical buildings and shopping are just a few activities you can add to your list while staying at the Marlin Beach Hotel.

Hotel: Hotel Miramar

Rooms: 54 rooms and 5 suites are available at this tropical location. Fully air-condition,   equipped with modern technology, TV, and a beautiful fresh water swimming pool.

Cost: $160.00 - $220.00 USD per night

Amenities: Hotel restaurant, bar and sidewalk cafe, direct contact with local attraction companies so that you get the best deals, shuttle service, rental services, internet wifi facilities,

Local Attractions: Pristine beaches, fishing, scuba diving, plantation tours, whale watching, bird watching, boat trips, botanical gardens, historical buildings, shopping, hiking trails that will take you to tropical, fresh water swimming holes and falls, open door markets for great bargains on everything from fabric, spices and handmade items.

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