Ruhengeri Travel Guide

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Ruhengeri is about two hours from Kigali and is the base for going trekking with the Gorillas at the Parc National des Volcans. The town itself is not all that interesting but it does have great views of the surrounding volcanoes and offers a number of treks as well as the gorillas.

There are a couple of cheap hotels down town and a more upmarket hotel past the ORTPN office. The ORTPN office which is in the "prefecture" is the place to go to try and arrange a gorilla permit if you don't already have one. They will not be able to tell you about the next day till after 4pm as it depends on Kigali. The tours now start at the entrence of the parc 12kms from Ruhengeri in the village of Kinigi. To get there you either need your own transport or will have to organise transport which is $50 for the whole day per vehicle. You can always try and find other travellers the day before to share the cost with. Permits now cost $375, but will increase to $500 beginning June 2007.

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