Practical Information in Rwanda

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Residents of the US and EU do not need a visa to visit the country; they are automatically granted a 90-day tourist visa upon entry.  If you would like to stay longer, simply leaving the country and returning will automatically renew the 90-day visa.

Calling Rwanda

Rwanda's country code is +250.  Rwandan cell phone numbers have 8 digits, and always start with the digits 03 or 08.  A number plan change for MTN Rwandacell has been performed first week of February 2009 therefore numbers can start with 788 instead of 08 now.  Landlines only have 6 digits.  In either case, you can call a number by dailing +250, and then the 6-digit or 8-digit number.

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The local currency is the Rwandan Franc (RWF)

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Burundi Travel

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Burundi Travel is a travel agency operating in Rwanda

Be welcome in the country of gorillas...

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