Nyungwe National Park Travel Guide

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Afromontane forest, Nyungwe N.P.

Afromontane forest, Nyungwe N.P.


Nyungwe National Park constitutes the largest montane forest in central Africa , covering about 1,000 km 2 . It also continues into Burundi . There are more than 240 species of trees, 275 bird species and 13 primates, including a viable population of the chimpanzee. L’Hoest’s monkey is often seen which is classified as “vulnerable” in the Red Data Book. Some areas are covered by secondary regrowth due to fires or other disturbances, whereas others have high, closed forest. There is also a 13 km 2 large wetland with unique flora and fauna. The water divide between the Congo and the Nile runs through the forest and the most distant sources of the Nile are also found here. The number of visitors is only about 3,000 per year but is steadily increasing. Walking tours with a guide through the forest can be arranged at Uwinka Tourism Reception Centre. The park can be easily reached from Butare or Cyangugu where accommodation is available.

Accomodation is also available at the Gisakura Guesthouse, which is run by the ORTPN/WCS for its own staff but accommodates park visitors as well. If is off the main road, on the edge of Nyungwe National Park and close to the Gisakura Tea Estate. Meals are tasty and served in a dining room. Rooms are pleasant (they have doubles), and bathrooms, although communal, are kept clean. Vervet monkeys and a variety of birds visit the guesthouse garden. 


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