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accommodation in Kigali

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Be careful where you stay here; Kigali hotels are a mixed bag. Some are great and some you wouldn’t even recommend to your least favorite person. There is a substantial choice of hotels here and this article will lead you to the best options. Kigali has accommodations to fit everyone’s travel budget.


The ultimate in budget pricing is always a night at the hostel. Hostel Saint Famille is cheap and in the heart of the city. For around $10 USD you can have a bed in a dorm and share a bathroom. Common areas include an attractive garden and sunset views. Rooms with en suite bathrooms are also available. It is reasonably clean and mosquito nets are provided.

In the Center of Kigali, Under $40

Clean and cheap the Hotel Isimbi in Kigali is a great value. Although it can be a bit noisy if you just need a decent place to sleep you can’t beat this price. Rooms are adequately sized with warm water and 4 TV channels. Hotel Isimbi is centrally located and in the center of Kigali on a busy street. The supermarket, shopping mall and tourist office are easily reached from this location.

On the Edge of Kigali, Under $100

A great value on the edge of Kigali is the Hotel Gorillas. It is a small hotel with an emerald green arbor courtyard in the middle. Clean rooms have air conditioning and television. For a quieter stay request avoid rooms that face the road. The restaurant here is wonderful and nestled into a beautiful garden. The French influenced cuisine is priced reasonable. Internet is available in the lobby for a small fee.

Downtown with a View

The City Valley motel has a great location and a spectacular view. This Kigali hotel has a reputation for great food and friendly staff. The food and drinks offers here are fresh and natural. You will have a mountain and river view.

Bed and Breakfast

Over $100 USD the Hotel Garni du Centre is delightfully simple. Behind their doors is a safe refuge from the city of Kigali there is an eye-catching garden and swimming pool. The owner is on site and is warm and friendly. So is the rest of the staff. Unbeatable locations you are a stones throw from coffee shops, Milles Collines and the UTC center. The clean rooms have crisp white sheets and large comfy beds. Breakfast is delicious and there is plenty of food. Bring a book and you will never be bored here.

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