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As a first impression Butare seems painfully ordinary but take time to decipher the enshrouded, latent charm of the region and it will surprise you with its native appeal and uncontrived pace. The Butare Travel Guide gives visitors comprehensive know-how on the region and its attractions along with the best food and accommodation destinations.


Butare is a slow seducer with an enchanting old-fashioned African appeal and disguised genius held resolutely under the veil of mediocrity. It is located in the Southern Province of Rwanda and was the capital of the Butare Province before being disintegrated in 2006. The most famous aspect of the region is the National University of Rwanda and the Rwanda National Institute of Scientific Research. While Kigali is considered the most power-wielding offspring of Rwanda, Butare qualifies as the brainiest. Some of the region’s most intellectually  eminent minds have made Butare their home. The streets of the unperturbed town are dotted with museums, memorials, ethnic local markets and roadside eateries serving delectable regional cuisine.


The best place to start your journey of Butare’s discovery is the National Museum which stocks exhibits from the region’s colonial past as well as gives visitors a snapshot of the Tutsi monarchy that ruled the town. Head to Gikongoro Genocide memorial and get a local guide to share a grim account of the deadly 1994 massacre that swept the vocational school. A more upbeat place is the Butare Market where you can have engaging conversations with the locals and learn about their cultural idiosyncrasies. This is not the best place to shop for souvenirs, however you can bag some good deals on fresh local produce. It’s great ground to observe the daily lifestyle and mores of Rwandan civilization.

Food and Accommodation

Butare, very surprisingly, scores more with Belgian cuisine instead of traditional Rwandan fare. One of the most popular tourist watering holes is the in-house restaurant at Hotel Ibis. It is frequented for its ‘can’t go wrong' sumptuous meals. Macribiotique serves thoroughbred Rwandan dishes at the most amazing prices. The main food street located around Ibis offers a range of delicacies from succulent kebabs and flavored rice to exotic potato creations.

For accommodation, the best bet is Hotel Ibis, a prominent structure that has attained nothing short of a cult status in the region. The property is run by an affable family and offers comfortable amenities at an affordable price.  Shalom House near the university zone is another nice pick for its clean rooms and wholesome meals at decent prices.

Butare is a nice old fashioned town replete with historical wonders and remains of a rich East African legacy.


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