Cruises in Reunion

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Reunion is a tiny volcanic island that is mysteriously nestled in the Mascareignes archipelago. It is strategically located about 102 miles to the south of Mauritius and approximately 470 miles to the east of Madagascar. The region is a brilliant mesh of diverse ethnicities and eclectic cultures and has witnessed several innate customs and folklores to lend it a touch of an endearingly exotic land. Here are some great cruise ideas to explore the kaleidoscopic culture and natural beauty of the Reunion Island.

Short Cruises

There are several short cruise options offered by Princess Holidays that commence from the chief port of the island--Pointe des Galets--and present an array of Mediterranean, Asian and Oriental cuisine on board along with mouth-watering sea food and crustaceans cooked in spicy tomato curry. A cruise holiday to Reunion Island can be combined with private sightseeing arrangements that must be requested through the on-board tourist representatives. The provincial French culture of the region lends the island a touch of sophistication while letting visitors enjoy a heady combination of a ‘tropical Paris’. For private sightseeing trips, include in your itinerary West Coast, a petite island that boasts superb surfing winds and dramatic cirques. The Piton des Neiges volcanic range is another great visit that offers outstanding vistas of a lush rainforest in the midst of Reunion Island’s loftiest peak. For more information on the prices and detailed itineraries of the cruises visit

Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar and Mombasa

Blue Water Holidays offers a fascinating 14-day cruise that covers the gems of the Indian Ocean with style. The cruise departs from Mauritius with a stopover at the pristine Seychelles island, Mombasa, sailing on toward Madagascar and finally stopping at the picturesque tropical getaway, Reunion, before making its way back to Mauritius. This cruise is an excellent opportunity to discover the immaculate beauty of the islands embellishing the Indian Ocean. Apart from the warm cerulean water, there is a string of splendid coral reefs and an array of water activities ranging from swimming and diving to deep sea fishing and snorkeling.

Mauritius Island Cruises

Mauritius Island Cruises embark from Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, and transverse Reunion Island with a daylong stopover for cruising within the island and taking private sightseeing tours.

Reunion Island is a much sought-after tropical paradise that mesmerizes visitors with its postcard beauty, dramatic volcanic traces and a deep-rooted and charming French cultural legacy.




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