Travel Guide in Yankari Game Reserve

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The Yankari Game Reserve Travel Guide will help you plan your trip to this highly sought after attraction in Nigeria. Tourists from around the world flock to the Yankari Game Reserve to witness the animals in their natural habitat here. Read on to find out more details about this place.

Getting There

The Yankari Game Reserve is located in the Bauchi State in Nigeria. You will have to get to Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport; this is the nearest airport to the Yankari Game Reserve. Once you are here, you can reach the game reserve by road. You can also get to Lagos and travel by road to Abuja. From Abuja, you will have to continue on to Jos, and finally, to the Yankari Game Reserve. The whole road journey will take you at least 2 days. The roads are well maintained, so as long as you you have a good vehicle, you should have a comfortable journey.


Alongside the Wiki Springs is the Wiki Camp. The Wiki Camp is located in the Yankari Game Reserve, roughly 42 kilometers from the main entrance. The camp provides accommodation to suit the budgets of all kinds of travelers. From luxury hotels to youth hostels and furnished cottages, the Wiki Camp is a great place to stay when you are visiting the Reserve. The camp also has an all-day swimming pool for the guests.

Things to Do

The most popular attraction here is the safari. You can set out from Wiki Camp on a wildlife safari like none other. The Safari timings are arranged according to the visitors' schedules, but as a rule, the safari departs twice from the camp. You will be able to view the wildlife up close and personal here. African elephants, different kinds of monkeys, lions, hippopotamus, and many other animals are native here. There is an animal museum not far away from the camp. You can explore the exhibits like tusks, stuffed game, bones and skins in the museum. 


The Wiki Camp area in the Yankari Game Reserve has several dining options. The camp provides various restaurants that serve authentic African dishes. The restaurants also cater to the international palate by providing a variety of dishes like pastas, rice and curry, steaks, fried chicken and burgers. The Wiki Camp also has several clubs and pubs, so guests can enjoy the night time in the Yankari Game Reserve.

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