Top 5 Must Do's in Yankari Game Reserve

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Yankari National Park in Nigeria serves as a home for much of Nigeria’s wildlife as well as a way to show tourists the natural beauty of the savannah. As the largest wildlife park in Nigeria, it is a must-see eco-tourism destination, and because of the large size of the park, there are many Yankari Game Reserve Must Do’s.

  1. Wikki Camp

    The Wikki Camp is the tourist center for the game reserve, and it is built around the Wikki warm spring. The spring stays at a constant 31 degrees Celsius throughout the year, which makes it a popular swimming hole. It is also a popular bird watching spot, as hundreds of birds visit the spring each day. The camp is the only resort in the game reserve, and has hotel rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a conference center. 
  2. The Wild Life Museum

    Located at the Wikki Camp, the museum features a variety of animal trophies, from pelts and bones to stuffed animals that come from the area. Exhibits feature hunting equipment such as guns, traps, skinning knives, spears and camping gear from the 19th century up to the present day. The older items mostly came from legitimate hunters, but the newer ones were taken from poachers. The museum is a must do for eco-tourists.
  3. Dukkey Wells

    These ancient, artificial wells are from an old settlement that needed to conserve water in the dry savannah. The 139 interconnected wells were created hundreds of years ago. Even after the settlement vanished, the wells were still used by travelers and may have been used by Trans-Atlantic slave traders to refill their water supplies.
  4. Marshal Caves

    In 1980, explorers discovered 59 prehistoric caves that were partially dug out by very early inhabitants. A circular entrance in the sandstone leads to a large, rounded inner chamber that ranges between 30 and 80 meters in diameter. The walls of the cave are covered in line drawings that form zigzags and straight lines. Nothing else is known about the inhabitants.  
  5. The Kalban Hill

    The name of Kalban Hill means "flat place," and it is well deserved. The flat hill top is northeast of Wikki Camp and is a common stopping area for the safaris that travel the park daily. From the top of the hill, eco-tourists can get a clear view of the park, and if they have a good eye, they will see herds of animals from a birds' eye view. It's a definite must-do for visitors of Yankari National Park.

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