Things to do in Yankari Game Reserve

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The Yankari Game Reserve Things to Do list will consist of all things related to nature. Located in the Bauchi state in Nigeria, the reserve offers a gamut of activities to the visitors.


Yankari Game Reserve will provide visitors a whole new experience. This reserve is the most visited wildlife facility in Nigeria. The most fun and convenient way to experience the wild is to go on the planned safari organized by the reserve. The safari will take you to the nooks and corners of the reserve and you can observer the animals in their natural habitat. Hippos, lions, monkeys and other animals are found here. You can see the elephants close to the river on most days.


Learn more about the reserve and its inhabitants at this museum, located in the reserve. You will find the museum in an area called the Wiki Camp. Wiki Camp is developed for the comfort of the visitors and is 42 km from the reserve's entrance. You will find horns, skins, skulls and the remains of animals that have perished. A detailed list of the animals found in the reserve is also put up here. You can also view elephant's tusks here.

Warm Springs

Warm Springs in the Yankari Game Reserve is a famous pit stop for the visitors. It provides the visitors a chance to get away from the scorching heat in Nigeria. Warm Springs is a river that flows in the reserve and is located near the lodge. The temperature of the water is always around 31 degrees C. You can float in this water or simply go for a swim. The water is pure, good for the skin and good to drink. The tall and dense verdant trees provide shade to the entire area.

Human Settlement Tour

Set out on a sightseeing tour of the reserve and trace the evidence of human settlement in Yankari during the ancient times. You will be taken on a tour of the 139 Dukkey Wells where you will see an elaborate water storage facility. The main attraction is the famous Marshall Cave which was discovered in 1980 and exhibits sandstone caves, paintings and different engravings on the walls. Next to the Dwall River is the Tunga Dutse, a huge rock that has more eligible engraving than the Marshall Caves.

Wiki Camp

Enjoy the offerings at Wiki Camp after sunset. You can dine at the various restaurants here. The restaurants serve both local as well as international cuisine. If you wish to experience the party scene then head to the nightclubs in the hotels at Wiki Camo. You can also enjoy a bonfire in the well maintained camp site in this area.

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