Sights in Yankari Game Reserve

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Yankari Game Reserve Sights provide natural entertainment and enjoyment to tourists since it is comprised of different resorts, parks, springs and mountains that possess lots of natural beauty, wild life, and recreational opportunities like fishing and bathing. These sights and reserves are situated in Nigeria and are well-known worldwide due their attractive sights and marvelous wild life.

Yankari National Park

Yankari National Park is perhaps the best game reserve that can be found in Nigeria and because of this it provides a good addition to the Yankari Game Reserve sights. It is located about 225 km east Jos, a Nigerian city and 80 km from the Bauchi town and located around Gagi River. Tourists need to drive around 1 ½ hours from Bauchi town. Yankari National Park has been designated as the only reserve left for wild animals in Nigeria.

This park was opened in 1962 and the game-viewing areas remain opened through out the year. This park’s area is about 2.058 square km and possesses a vast Savanna wood land area.

There are enormous wild animals in this park such as: crocodile, hippopotamus, antelope, buffalo, monkeys, lions, elephants, and waterbucks. The best time of visiting this park is between the months of November and May at which time a lot of animals can be seen.

Wikki Warm Springs

The Wikki Warm Springs are situated adjacent to Yankari National Park. Its warm waters provide tourists lots of relaxation, especially at the night time. The springs are almost 6 feet deep and they provide tourists an area where they can bathe. There are a lot of birds found in these springs like vultures, bateleur eagles, goliath herons and bee-eaters. This is a wonderful place for those who love to see birds.

Gashaka-Gumti National Park

This park is situated in the south east Taraba State in Adamawa, Nigeria. It occupies a big wild area approximately 6000 sq. km and contains the highest mountain of Nigeria (Chapal Waddi, 2409 m). A lot of environmental and ecological diversity is seen at this area.

Gashaka-Gumti is home to a gallery forest, a moist forest,a mountain forests and grass lands and there are many rivers that pass through this park, like Taraba from River Benue. A lot of different types of animals can be seen here like chimpanzees, hyenas, leopards, roan antelopes and buffalo.

There are a lot of types of birds with different species and this park provides the great opportunity for fish hunting. The safe accommodation with excellent catering is available for visitors and tourists can hire game guards. Gashaka-Gumti National Park is a great place to fine the best of Yankari Game Reserve sights.

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