Practical Information in Yankari Game Reserve

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Useful Yankari Game Reserve Tips

Here is some Yankari Game Reserve practical information to review prior to visiting this large wildlife park in Nigeria. This will help you make the most of your Savannah experience and enjoy a pleasant stay within the park.


You will barely experience language barriers while staying at the Yankari Game Reserve. There are several reasons why. Along with Hausa, Fufulde and Bole, English is an official language of the Bauchi State, so many locals speak it at a relatively good level. The Yankari Game Reserve is one of the premiere tourist attractions in the area, so the staff is required to have a good command of English.


Cash is the only way of payment within the Yankari Game Reserve, so make sure you change all your money prior to visiting the park. You can do this at the nearby city of Bauchi. However, keep in mind the only currency you can change to Nigerian Naira is the U.S. Dollar. Don’t count on travelers cheques and bank cards, because ATMs aren’t widespread. Credit card frauds are a common occurrence. When changing money, it is good to know $1 is worth around 150 Naira in summer 2010, although the moneychangers in Bauchi are usually honest. Don’t worry about carrying big amounts of cash within the reserve, because the area is generally safe.

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