Hotels in Yankari Game Reserve

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You may face difficulties when searching for Yankari Game Reserve Hotels. Although the Reserve keeps developing, the only real hotels around are in the nearby town of Bauchi. However, right in the center of the Reserve, at the Wikki Camp, you will find some chalets offering hotel-like accommodation. There are a couple of other alternatives, too. Here are some more details on the available options.


There are 110 chalets at the Wikki Camp. All of them are equipped just like regular hotel suites, consisting of 2 rooms and a bathroom, and are separated in three different categories from budget to luxurious. The budget ones correspond to the living conditions of a 3-star hotel suite, while the luxurious ones are more like 5-star accommodation. The electricity and water problems are common occurrences, so don’t be surprised if you experience them at some point.

Youth Hostel

There is also a youth hostel at the camp. It offers dormitory accommodation and is really cheap, but is also very filthy, with poor living conditions. The ones who stay here are mainly youths and students, since the hostel is used by many local educational institutions.

Camping Ground

Those of you who are brave enough can try the Wikki Camping Ground. The good thing is that you have toilets with running water nearby. However, the camping ground has no fence, which makes your stay a bit risky--after all, you'll be sharing the land with wild animals like elephants, lions and buffalos, to name a few. “No fence” might not be your idea of security in a place like this.

Zaranda Hotel

The Zaranda Hotel is an excellent choice if you decide to stay in Bauchi. It is a massive building with over 180 comfortable rooms inside, all of which are equipped with air conditioning, and more importantly, water and electricity 24 hours a day. The hotel has a swimming pool and two delicious restaurants, as well as a really pleasant interior.

Awalah Hotel

Besides Zaranda, there are several other hotels in Bauchi, and Awalah is one well worth mentioning. It offers 130 rooms with conditions pretty similar to those above. It has a nice restaurant that serves traditional African dishes, a swimming pool, and a tennis court, and is surrounded by green belts consisting of different trees, shrubs and flowers.

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