Getting Around in Yankari Game Reserve

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Treat yourself to an adventure of a lifetime by going on a Safari adventure with Yankari Game Reserve transportation. Nigeria has a lot to offer including the Yankari Game Reserve which is a hot-spot destination for tourists who love to experience the great outdoors and commune with nature.

The Yankari Game Reserve transportation deals can take you to places like the warm springs, museum, and of course, on the safari. This tourist attraction guarantees a fun and memorable experience to all those who love nature or simply want to have a grand vacation. Here are the transport services that can take you to the reserve:


The fastest way to reach the Yankari Game Reserve is by plane. You’ll land at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport which is nearest to the reserve and take the bus or rent a car to get to your destination.


Tourist buses are aplenty and you can see them lined up in the airport. If you’re traveling with your family or friends, this is your ideal mode of transportation since it is cheaper. There also buses that can tour you around the Yankari Game Reserve, including the safari where you can see wild animals up close. Rest assured that these buses are safe and are closely regulated to abide to all safety requirements.


You can reach the reserve by taking the road. You can rent a car from one of the car rentals available in the area. The roads going to the Yankari Game Reserve are very well-maintained so no need to worry about bumpy rides along the way.


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