Day Trips in Yankari Game Reserve

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Yankari Game Reserve day trips offer plenty with the park open year round located in Nigeria. The game reserve offers relaxation amidst the warm springs while viewing the local wildlife of eagles, storks, and herons. The game ranch offers more than the opportunity for bird-watchers with a wide range of facilities including tennis, squash, and exhibits.

Wikki Warm Springs

Known as one of the best features of the Yankari Game Reserve day trips, visitors can relax in the springs. The warm springs serves as nature’s hot tub to locals and visitors in the area with up to six feet of water in the expansive area. Admission to the warm springs swimming area costs a reasonable fee for visitors wanting to relax. While relaxing in the springs, the 89-degree water provides the best place to cool off and enjoy a bath after playing tennis or squash at the nearby courts.


Tour the Yankari Game Reserve day trips by joining the safari that takes you around the preserve to see the wildlife. The safari lasts almost all day and costs a reasonable fee for a jeep ride throughout the reserve. The Yankari Game Reserve day trips feature baboons that can entertain you while touring through the reserve. Along the way, visitors may spot lions even through they blend naturally with the area. The best visit time for the safari along the Yankari Game Reserve day trips is through the months of November to May to see the wildlife near the rivers.

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