Top 5 Must Do's in Warri

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Once you set foot in Nigeria there are a few must do’s that you have to experience in order to complete your stay in this land. Nigeria abounds in natural beauty, serene beaches, warm springs and wildlife and this is exactly what makes it a popular tourist destination. Warri is a city that’s located in the Delta State of Nigeria. Although it has a large stadium that hosted two African Women’s Football Championships, the stadium is not the only place to visit when in Nigeria. If you’re with a tour guide it’s easier to get around the place and discover some of its well known beaches and springs but if you’re a daredevil, heading out on your own, make sure take a look at these five must-do’s when planning your itinerary.

1. Lekki Beach

Lekki Beach is a six-hour drive away from Warri. But if you don’t visit this beach, you’re missing out on pristine shores dotted with shady palm trees and breathtaking views. Most tourists who visit Nigeria, list Lekki Beach on their itinerary and this comes as no surprise. There are plenty of mid-priced accommodations located around Lekki Beach. You could also sample a few authentic Nigerian delicacies sold by local vendors on the beach.

2. National Forest

Closer to Warri, you will find the Lower Niger National Forest and the Bayelsa National Forest. These forests are known for their wildlife and exotic plants. So if you want to get up close and personal with nature and wildlife, ask a tour guide to take you to this destination.

3. Coconut Beach

It is a well known fact that the coast of Nigeria is abundant in mesmerizing beaches. Coconut Beach is again, nearly a six-hour drive from Warri and is more specifically located in the town of Badagry. To get to the Coconut Beach you will have to use the Lagos-Badagry expressway. As the name suggests, Coconut Beach is lined with coconut trees and offers you a rejuvenating environment to just relax and soak in the beauty that surrounds you.

4. Sample the Food

No trip is complete without sampling the local cuisine. So if you’re staying in Warri, you can order a bowl of Banga Soup since it’s a staple food eaten in the Delta State. You can either choose beef banga soup or fish banga soup but its most often than not cooked with dry fish, stock fish and cray fish, seasoned and boiled to perfection. Another popular delicacy that you should try while you’re still in Warri is pounded yam. Most locals can’t go a day without eating some pounded yam!

5. Ikogosi Warm Springs

If you don’t mind traveling around to see Nigeria at its best, visit the Ikogosi Warm Springs, located nearly 573 km away from Warri. These springs offer tourists a therapeutic combination of hot and cold water that emanates from natural sources. After all that travel from Warri to Ikogosi, Abuja, the warm springs are both welcoming and relaxing.

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