Shopping in Warri

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Warri is a town that is becoming wealthy from the oil industry, and in addition, the local government is pouring the money into local businesses. Needless to say, there's plenty of money flowing through this city, and plenty of places to spend it. The Warri Shopping district is made up of the various open-air markets detailed below.

Ibo Market

The Ibo Market is a mixture of traditional and modern experiences. When entering the market, the first thing the shopper sees is the LED monitors around the area.  The monitors display ads for local businesses. The monitors also transmit sports for people to watch while doing their shopping. The vendors in the market sell clothes, shoes, leather goods, and linen. All items are handmade by local artisans. Leather goods include purses and wallets. Savvy shoppers looking for unique souvenirs will find beautiful items with Nigerian Tribal designs. They can start looking for hand sewn dresses, shirts, and pants, and then go find accessories to complete the outfits. If someone is looking for a way to spruce up their dining room, they can easily find a tablecloth and napkin set to bring home.

Igbudu Market

The Igbudu Market is a traditional African market that offers a mixture of items for sale. Available for purchase, the tourist can find food staples and clothes at this market. The shopper can start the day by first buying fruit and a drink from the stands on the sides of the market. They can then go into the market to look at the clothes for sale. This market is especially famous for tailored clothing. There are a number of tailors and seamstresses that will make custom suits and other clothes from scratch. Another interesting feature of this market is that shoppers can buy furniture. It is not unheard of for people to buy a table and chair set to send home. One thing to note is that there is a problem with petty crime in this market. Pickpockets are common, so visitors need to be vigilant. 

Ogunu Market

The Ogunu Market is an African “farmer’s market.” For people who come to Warri and are staying for a while, this market is an excellent place to pick up food. There is a variety of local produce available from sellers. For expatriates who are staying in Warri for an extended period of time and want to experiment with local cuisine, this market is a great place to find supplies.



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