Senior Travel in Warri

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Fun in Warri for Seniors

This oil-rich part of Nigeria can be surprisingly relaxing for Warri senior travel. Warri has turned into a convenient urbane spot for travelers and tourists in recent years. Trying to understand their Pidgin English may prove to be difficult, especially for most Westerners. Be patient or ask for assistance.

Prepare for the Weather

Warri is surrounded by a tropical rainforest. It is rainy and humid most of the time. November to April is their dry season, although it is still humid but not necessarily hot. Bring a scarf or a light cardigan for cool nights out of town. Pack generally light clothing, too. May to October is the rainy season. When you’re visiting at these times, try to bring a jacket or two. Prepare some extra clothes during your excursions, as you never know when the rain is going to start. Bring durable shoes, pants and flexible tops. This way, you escape from colds and cough while you’re there and avoid buying from their apparel shops.

Rev Up or Relax

Depending on what type of vacation you’re looking for, Warri has different attractions. You can rev up with their many sports facilities. Most Nigerians, including those in Warri, are high on football fever. Warri itself has been qualified to facilitate Fifa Under 17 back in 2009. Otherwise, you might want to relax by going to their different parks such as Effurun Garden Park and Abraka Golf Course. 

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