Practical Information in Warri

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This Warri Practical Information will guide you through a safe and pleasant stay in this tourist destination. Warri is located in Nigeria's Delta State. Warri is a city rich in oil and also has a great number of attractions for the visitors. The seafood served at the restaurants is as fresh as it can get. Read on to find out more.

Climatic Condition

Warri is famous for its monsoons. Warri is a land that is surrounded by thick rain forests. These tropical forests brings frequent showers to Warri. You can expect an extremely hot and equally humid climate all year. But, Warri has two prominent seasons in a year. The dry season that begins in the month of November lasts up to April. The wet season, also known as rainy season, starts in May and goes on until October. You can also expect showers during the dry months so make sure to be equipped with the right gear.


Nigeria as a whole is not considered to be the safest place on earth. Just like other parts of Nigeria, traveling to Warri also comes with its set of risks. There is communal violence that takes place between various local ethnic communities. Also, visitors are advised not to venture out alone after sundown. The best way to explore Warri is in the company of a local person. This place does not pose a threat to the safety of the tourists but it would not hurt to be cautious.

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