Festivals in Warri

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Warri festivals are well known all around Nigeria, and take place all throughout the year. Every village celebrates some kind of traditional festival. This draws tourists to the small villages. These festivals bring families together, and they are usually full of singing, dancing and rejoicing. Many of these festivals send praise to God, ask for good luck for the village, or ask for a good harvest.

Boat Regatta Festival

This festival features colorful boats sailing around Niger Delta. There are always concerts and interesting things to see and do. This festival draws people from all over the world with their sailboats. Tourists can also see the canoe race in the Delta each year.

Awankere Juju Festival

This festival is celebrated in July, and it has become the national festival of nigeria. Music, singing and dancing are all part of this celebration. During the festival, people sing to God and give sacrifices for a good harvest and for a steady Niger River. The first part of the festival is ritualistic and closed to the public, but the second part is a big party where people wear masks.

Okiroro (Okere) Festival

The Okiroro Festival is celebrated by the Okere people, and is generally celebrated in July or August.  This marks the festival for the ancestors, as the forefathers and mothers of the people are honored. The highlight here is the “Okere Juju”, a masquerade where a large number of the tribes’ people gather together for some dancing and singing. These people come from the various sites where the shrine of their ancestors are – representing the various clans coming together as one and meeting at the heart of Okere where some traditional tribal dancing and singing can be seen.


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