Eating Out in Warri

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Eating out in Warri can be an interesting and exciting experience with the variety of the local cuisine and Warri restaurants. Being rather out of the way, the food in Warri, compared to other cities in Nigeria, can be packed with a lot of local flavor. This means that tourists will either love it or hate it – but whatever the preference, authenticity is always guaranteed.

Efferun Market

The Efferun market is the best place to start, and probably the one stop that any visitor to Warri should not miss. The market is filled with fresh produce that is typical of the Nigerian palate – plantain, fish and cassava are a large part of the cuisine here. Those looking for something more modern can try Uwie; even though the food appears to be westernized, the flavor is still distinctively local and packed with spiciness. With these markets, there are no fixed stalls – instead, groups of stalls are clustered together and people simply choose from the type of cooking.


While in Warri, be sure to try the game – another feature of the local diet. These can be found in restaurants in the town of Efferun, and are served in a rich, hot gravy that masks the gamey taste of the deer or giraffe that you are eating. Eating out here also generally entails suya, a Nigeria roasting method that involves roasting game over a fire and serving it fresh. To finish off every meal, each restaurant or diner ends with a drink of palm wine – fermented cassava that is distilled into a clear, strong tasting liquid that is the signature drink of the region. A typical meal can be tasted in style at the newly constructed Woodridge Hotel, which serves traditional Nigerian food with a modern twist.

In general, eating out in Warri is a completely different experience and should be embraced with the most adventurous of spirit.

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