Cruises in Warri

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Warri is a well-known port city. This is because several locally grown products like rubber, palm, cocoa and hides are transported by ships that set sail from this port. If you’re looking for cruises in Warri, you won’t find too many options. But you will be able to take a cruise down the Marina Strait. To embark on this cruise, you will have to head to Lagos-a city that’s almost a five-hour drive from Warri.

Cruising the Marina Strait

NirePrest is Nigeria’s first-ever cruise boat that’s also host to several corporate events and parties. This boat can accommodate nearly 120 passengers and it's ideal for anniversaries, weddings and small parties. The boat features two indoor restaurants and one open deck restaurant that serves delectable meals. You can either book a lunch cruise or a dinner cruise for a price of N 15,000 to N 18,000 per person.

Other Cruises

Although there are several other commercial cruise liners that include ports of call in Africa, you might not be able to visit Warri unless your itinerary specifically lists Warri as a port of call.

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