Budget Travel Ideas in Warri

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Saving a Penny or Two in Warri, Nigeria

There are plenty of opportunities for Warri budget travel especially for huge adventurers at heart. This village which was once an industrial site for crude oil has been transformed into a tourist-laden area for Nigeria.

Take the Bus or Motorcycle

Not all the tourist spots are in Warri. Some of them are in nearby towns like Abraka where there are beautiful beaches, resorts and water sports to be discovered. Abraka is a mere 30 minutes away from Warri, so don’t be afraid to take public transportation. Don’t bother with a rent-a-car since this can be an expensive luxury. A bus can take you to Abraka and other nearby towns in one stop. If it can’t, however, try asking locals about motorcycle transportation. Motorcycles are a common method of transportation and can easily save you a few dollars. For some places such as in mountain areas, a motorcycle is also the only easily accessible public transport available.

Shop and Cook Food Yourself

There are very few restaurant selections in Warri. What little there are, however, are taken advantage of and tend to be expensive. A good solution is to simply buy ingredients from the Main Warri Market where there are some great selections of vegetables, meat and exotic ingredients for cooking. There are even raw materials for handicrafts and furnishings available. The Main Warri Market is also a great area to absorb some local culture. Afterwards, you can just go home to your hotel room with a kitchenette, of course, and cook for yourself.

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