Beaches in Warri

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Warri is port city in Nigeria that was founded by the Portuguese during the 15th century. The Warri Beaches are pristine and have activities for everyone on vacation. The town's public beaches are among the oldest in the Nigeria.


Warri is located at the end of the lower Niger Delta, with the city itself being slightly inland. One of the city’s biggest attractions is being centrally located to the main beaches on Niger’s coast. A tourist can reach the beaches by car boat. If a visitor is feeling adventurous, a boat trip can be arranged down the Niger Delta to the coastline.

Ibeno Beach

Ibeno Beach is a 30-kilometer stretch of coastline that was developed by the Nigerian government specifically for tourism. Ibeno is rated highly for a couple of reasons. The beach is a haven for people who love water sports. It is not unusual to see people snorkeling or jet skiing in the waves. Surfers also find excellent conditions to practice their craft. Ibeno beach is also famous for the coral reefs and wildlife. As off-shore drilling is common in this country, both the oil companies and the government have worked to together to ensure the protection of this national treasure. 

Abaka Beach

This beach is located on the inland on the Delta and is one of the nature wonders of Nigeria. The area is famous for the natural flowing clear water springs that flow from the Ehiope River. Visitors to this area find a variety of activities available to them.  People enjoy fishing, canoeing and swimming. The area is surrounding by forest, and the visitors can observe the local wildlife as they vacation in the water.

Lagos Beach

Lagos Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean on the white sand coast. This beach is extremely popular with tourists, as it is rated an inexpensive location for vacations. There are a number of cheap restaurants on the beach, and the seafood is caught locally. Visitors can cycle up and down the coast while taking in the scenery. 

In recent years the Nigerian Oil has taken off.  The government has made an effort to maintain the ecological balance of the country.  Their efforts have paid off, as the beaches are in the same condition that they were 100 years ago.

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