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Pool section view of Godatin hotels Warri

Pool section view of Godatin hotels Warri

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Warri is the city in Delta of the River Niger in south part of Nigeria. Well known as “oil” city it has many sights and places to keep traveler visit the place. People usually come here for business since all the oil companies are located here. Warri sights are located all around the city so tourists can just grab a map and start exploring. The local tourist offices are located in few places in the city so tourists can get all the necessary information.

Palace of the Olu of Warri

This palace is located in the city center and it is home of Olu of Warri, who ascended the great throne of Warri Kingdom. It is an old palace with interesting African architecture. Only part of the palace is opened for the public since it is actually a private house. The furniture and interior are European style and there are several collections from all over the world.

Nana’s Palace, Koko

This is a history museum and it is the only one in Nigeria. Chief Nana Olomu of Ebrohim has built this museum. Nana was a powerful entrepreneur who lived in 19th century.

This is a magnificent building and it is built by influence of British Empire under the Queen Victoria. This is a national monument and it is located just outside Warri in the district of Koko. Tourists should take a taxi to get there. Just be reminded to bargain for the price of taxi.

Red Mangrove Swamp

The Red Mangrove Swamp is located near the Abraka Gold Course and you can see the golf course from the edge of the swamp. This swamp is also an interesting place to see and explore but tourist will need a guide for this.

Effurun Garden Park

It is located just next to the Olu of Warri Palace and it is always full of people. It is favorite place of locals for relaxing on hot summer days and for having picnics and spending time with their families. This park is also special because tourists can find a lot of rare species of trees and birds. Palm trees are also all around.


is one of Nigeria's oldest riverine towns. It is situated on the banks of the Lower Niger delta which is presently a part of Delta State. The town is is located roughly halfway between Lagos and Port harcourt. It is an important sea port and a very busy town.

The town is very popular amongst Nigerians as an oil-producing town. Most of the foreign and indigenous oil companies operating in Nigeria have offices in Warri. Shell, Chevron and Agip take active part in the Crude Oil exploitation activities going on in this southern town.

Warri residents are very industrious and accommodating but the present negligence of most of Nigeria's oil-producing areas has virtually turned Warri into a violence-prone area. There is a lot of ethnic violence and political tensions in the town. Visitors should be very objective and careful too.

The major ethnic groups in the town are the Urhobos, Itsekiris, Ijaws,isokos and Ibuzos (igbo-speaking ethnic group in Delta State). Indigenes of Warri are popularly referred to as Wafarians. There are more women than men in this town. The major occupations here are fishing, canoeing and some sheep farming.

Amongst other things Delta state is blessed with is a Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) at Effurum (not far from Warri), and the Aladja Steel Complex.

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