When to Go in Port Harcourt

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Port Harcourt is the capital state of Rivers State, a state of Nigeria, and seated off the coast of Africa. With views of the ocean and all its glory, one may not dare to think there may be a less than desirable time to visit Port Harcourt. When to go for a vacation here should be planned carefully, for this city has a monsoon season that can last up to five months. The main influence on weather is the trade winds, which guide where the rainfall will land. 

Seasonal Changes

During the rainy season, the city receives lengthy and heavy rainfall, which causes a monsoon to occur. The summer and fall seasons are the time when rain is heaviest. August, September and October produce the most rainfall throughout the year, climbing above a foot of rain. It is a difficult time to be in the city, as the government today is still searching for ways to settle the problem. Even the islands off the coast see heavy rain and flood due to it. However, at the beginning of the winter season, between Christmas and the New Year, is when the rain calms down and the weather is very nice. As winter rolls into spring, the weather remains peaceful and pleasant. The temperatures during the day in the winter season sink no lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit and no higher than 80 degrees.

When to Go

The ideal time to visit Port Harcourt is during the winter and early spring months. December and January see no rainfall. It is a very short dry season, but long enough to see all the sites of the city and learn about the culture and people. You will encounter little to no rainfall and have very little humidity to deal with. The nights do get a little cool, especial along the coast and at the beach.

You can dress causal while visiting the city. There is no need to wear any heavy clothing. The weather through the dry season is normally hot and humid, however. The sun is unforgiving and one should wear long sleeves and pants, rather than shorts. You do not want to get sunburned.

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