Travel Guide in Port Harcourt

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This Port Harcourt travel guide will help to transport you to the magical unspoiled sandy coastal beaches of Nigeria and virgin forests containing exotic flora and fauna of African wildlife. Port Harcourt is on the banks of Bonny River in the Niger Delta region and is situated in the State of Rivers in Southeast Nigeria. It is named after the British Secretary of State for the Colonies, Viscount Harcourt. Read on to discover Port Harcourt.

City Attractions:

Today, this Gulf city is a buzzing major business center and foreign exchange earner in the heart of fast developing oil industry in Nigeria with multinational oil firms and other industrial concerns related to petroleum industry. Port Harcourt offers a number of high-end hotels and restaurants/bars and mid-range hotels to cater for the incoming tourists, employees of oil companies and locals as well. An excellent 18-hole golf course is an added attraction.

Ethnic Sights and Shopping:

The area is famous for cultural dances and masquerades like the Mmnanwu by the Ikwerre and Ijaw tribes.Excellent hand-tooled leather boxes and trunks, traditional carvings and paintings and vegetable dyed fabrics are available. Local cuisine is famous for spicy meat kebabs and various soups.


  • The beaches: The unspoiled beauty of coastal area from Opobo to Koluama through Brass including Finima Beach, City Tourist Beach is breath-taking.
  • Parks: The Natural Park in Finima is a treat with sandbanks, fresh water ponds with tall trees, mangrove swamps and a beach as well as thick rainforests abundant with wild life like hippos, monkeys and crocodiles. The Zoological Garden is another place to visit and see drill, chimpanzee, gorilla, gwantibo (golden potto forest elephant) and saleginella species which is distinctly special to Nigeria. Isaac Boro Park is another attraction.


The National Museum is a treasure trove of bronze statues, intrinsic terra-cottas, and cast-iron artifacts from pre-colonial history of Nigeria; many traditional ornaments also are displayed.

How to Reach:

Port Harcourt can be reached by plane via direct flights from Europe to Port Harcourt International Airport, by train from Maidugrui and by ferry boat from Nembe.

The Weather:

It is stable ranging between 33 degrees C in February and March to 29 degrees C in August and September and with rain between September and January.

With its wildly beautiful natural attractions and golden sandy beaches, Port Harcourt’s eco-tourism potential is immense. Tourists are advised to seek properly sponsored trips and not venture out alone due to possible threat by some volatile local tribes.

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