Top 5 Must Do's in Port Harcourt

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Port Harcourt must do's are many in this second largest port city of Nigeria.

Obi Wale Museum

This museum gives you a tour of the history of Port Harcourt. You will have a chance of viewing various artifacts on display and learn about the past. It is not very big but what you see is truly worth it. It is located on Abonima Wharf Road. 

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Visiting this beach is one of the Port Harcourt must do's. The beach is quite clean and you can have a lot of fun just having a swim in the ocean or enjoying the various water sports available. You may also decide to just lie in the sun and get a wonderful suntan. A walk along the beach is another good idea. Various small establishments along he beach also provide the visitors with food, drink and music. 

Bonny Island

Port Harcourt must do's should also include taking a ferry or boat to this unique island where most of the multinational oil companies drill for oil. Make a point of visiting the island's beaches as they are very popular with the expatriates who work for the oil companies. The locals also do a lot of fishing so you will be able to see them doing so. Palm oil is also found here. You may also have a chance to see the plants where all the petroleum and gas is refined.

Finima Natural Park

Make a point of going to this park where you will have the chance to see various wild animals in their natural habitat. Here you will find a rain forest, swampy areas and fresh water catchment areas full of hippos and crocodiles. Various species of apes can also be found here. Large mammals like elephants are a breathtaking sight. Make sure you carry your camera for those memorable photos.


Port Harcourt must do's is not complete without you visiting the various ports along the coast to get a glimpse of all the activity that takes place when ships dock. You will get to see how goods, petroleum and other products are loaded onto the huge ships. You can also see the jetties operated by the big oil companies of the world.

Port Harcourt Golf Course

This is a place where you can relax and enjoy a game of golf. There is membership available for 1 day and it has a course with 18 holes and very beautiful surroundings. The pictures you can take here will be memorable. The facility also has a restaurant where you can enjoy something to eat or drink after your round of golf or just a walk around.

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