Things to do in Port Harcourt

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Port Harcourt things to do are many when you are visiting this Nigerian city which is famous for its oil.

Port Harcourt Beach

This clean sandy beach is a place where you can relax, sunbathe and enjoy a dip in the cool waters. You can also take a walk along the beach while enjoying the view of the sea. Refreshments are also available if you need anything to eat or drink.

Zoological Garden

A visit to this garden will allow you to see many kinds of ape species, giraffes and other tiny animals found there. Get an up close view of these animals and be sure to take pictures.

National Museum

This museum has a large collection of ancient Nigerian artifacts from the nineteenth century. You will also be able to see moldings that were cast out of various metals in the olden days. You will also learn about this city's history.

Port Harcourt Golf Course

Every Port Harcourt things to do has to include visiting this 18 hole golf course. You don't have to be a member to play. Just pay for one day and enjoy the game. There is also a restaurant that caters refreshments for you to enjoy after your game. You will enjoy the natural surroundings and should take some pictures.

Isaac Boro Park

Pack a picnic and head to this untouched park in the heart of the city. You will enjoy just sitting and enjoying the view and at the same time taking pictures.

Cultural Dances

The city usually holds traditional dances that will entertain you with local music. You will see the various costumes worn for different dances and also be able to take pictures with the dancers or record the dances.

Bonny Island

Port Harcourt things to do must have a visit to this beautiful island. Just take a ferry from the city and head to its beautiful beaches that are usually a favorite for foreigners working in the oil companies in Port Harcourt. The view is spectacular.

Finima Nature Park

Make a point of visiting this huge park where you will be treated to guided nature walks and bird watching. Many wild animals are also found here. The park management can arrange for trips where you can fish or see traditional festivals. There are also many souvenirs you can take home. There is also a catering department to cater for your needs.

Finima Beaches

Fort Harcourt things to do can end with you visiting these exciting beaches. Here you can have lots of fun as they are very popular. The festive seasons are when there is many kinds of activities.

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Andoni Elephants Reserve

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The popular Andoni Elephants Reserve located among the Niger Delta barrier islands in southeastern part of Port Harcourt is acclaimed as Nigeria's most fascinating island best kept secret for the last remaining elephants population. The beach is the longest in the state measuring about 20miles suitable for ecotourism activties. WELCOME TO OBOLO NATION!

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